Chenbro Launches 4U 96-bay 1-meter Depth JBOD Chassis

Taipei, Taiwan, Jan, 30, 2019 –Chenbro launches its brand new 4U 96-bay 1-meter depth JBOD chassis—RM43596. This ultra-dense solution can be used in cloud and high performance computing (HPC) datacenters to maximize storage capacity, without requiring an expansion of the footprint of the datacenter. With fully hot-swap, tool-less and redundant designs, this model offers customers easy hardware maintenance, simple status monitor and expanders management, and high reliability.

Easy hardware maintenance
The brand new Chenbro RM43596 ultra-dense JBOD chassis extends the tool-less and hot swappable designs from RM43348, in order to keep the maintenance of this chassis simple and easy.

With plenty of tool-less and hot swappable designs, operators can quickly install and remove 3.5” HDD trays, fan modules, 12Gb/s SAS external and internal expanders from the chassis. These can help to reduce 80% maintaining time. In addition, RM43596 adapts to the new type of tool-less 3.5” HDD tray, which is also designed for supporting 2.5” HDD/SSD, installed with screws.

Simple status monitor and expanders management
RM43596 is a JBOD chassis designed to meet your business needs while eliminating complexity.

RM43596 builds in BMC module, allowing operators who are familiar with or have IPMI system to take advantage of their tightly integrated management tools. Also the operators can monitor chassis status--HDDs, fans, PSU, and temperature; moreover, controlling power on/off, via accessing Chenbro designed web console.

RM43596 offers automatic port configuration on 12Gb/s SAS external and internal expanders, Specifically, operators can update the version of internal expander via accessing the external expander on the computer. Furthermore, expanders are set to be synced automatically, when different version of expander is installed on chassis.

Offered reliability
RM43596 is designed to eliminate single points of failure through supporting dual domain, featuring incredible redundancy, and offering superior thermal performance. With these solutions, operators can easily access data through the host server and scale to meet application demands without disruption.

Using SAS dual-domain and dual-path architectures creates redundant pathways from servers to RM43596, through 2 external 12Gb/s SAS expanders and 4 pairs of internal ones. This provides increased levels of high availability with redundant paths from the controller to the drives.

In order to achieve the high availability, RM43596 supports 2000W 1 +1 CRPS (Platinum-efficiency), so that power will not cause the shutdown of workflow. It is the same story; one fan failure is tolerant on this model.
For optimizing thermal performance, increasing the intake volume of air, RM43596 applies honeycomb structure at front panel that raises the total open rate of chassis. Furthermore, the unique designs of sponges help to concentrate airflow, preventing backflow and air leaks. Build-in smart fan control optimizes the speed of fan. These thermal solutions successfully reduce fan unit and optimize power efficiency.


About Chenbro
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