Chenbro Releases 2U Dual-Socket Server Chassis with up to 24 x PCIe SSDs that Help Breakthrough I/O Bottlenecks for Latency-sensitive Applications.


Taipei, Taiwan, Jan. 15, 2019 – Chenbro (TWSE: 8210) reveals its new 2U server/storage configurations – RM23824 NVMe solutions which offer up to 24 x PCIe Gen3 SSDs (Solid-State Drives) enabling high IOPS performance and ultra-low latency to meet mission-critical demands. It is designed for enterprise server systems with SSDs technology to scale out traditional HDDs in many workloads and applications. The SSD adopts non-volatile NAND flash memory to store data without any moving parts; compared to the traditional rotating magnetic recording media of HDDs, it benefits system acoustic performance and is shock and vibration resistance. The RM23824 NVMe solutions deliver significant improvement in reliability and durability over traditional HDDs.

Deliver Powerful IOPS Performance with NVMe-based Storage Solutions
The RM23824 NVMe solutions provide a direct connection between the PCIe flash storage and the CPU without uplink bandwidth bottleneck which enable outstanding IOPS performance. The system can be loaded with up to 24x NVMe drives that not only bring a large performance boost but provide the ever increasing density of these drives, as well as potentially offer incredible capacity. This would position the server ideally for use cases such as software define storage (SDS) or business analytics with large, complex, and critical workloads.

Discover NVMe Drive Versatility
The RM23824 NVMe solutions support diversified NVMe configurations by a new design 8-port NVMe backplane and a 8-port SATA/SAS backplane, 4 of which can be NVMe, i.e. 4x tri-mode ports. To be configured with existing 8-port and 16-port SATA/SAS backplanes, the RM23824 NVMe solutions offer 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x, 20x, and even 24x NVMe hot-swap storage bays as your demands. An optional configuration of 2x 2.5” rear hot-swap drive bay for OS is also available for dedicated IT operation. The RM23824 NVMe solutions provide customers best-in-class flexibility and scalability to combine hard drives with NVMe drives in one enclosure that helps customers control the budget for the initial system investment.

Flexible Hybrid Flash Array
The RM23824 NVMe solutions facilitate users to have hot and cold data in a single storage platform and balance performance and economics. Common uses are general purpose storage for mixed workloads including server virtualization, virtual desktop and databases across any industry.


About Chenbro
Founded in 1983, Chenbro (TWSE: 8210) has been the pioneer in designing and manufacturing of rackmount system, tower server and PC chassis. With over 35 years of immense experience in mechanical and electrical competence, Chenbro is qualified by the first tier server brands and provides OEM, ODM and JDM services with EMS companies. In addition, Chenbro successfully extends its business footprint to datacenters and industrial solutions by continuously investing in technologies to deliver the most trusted servers and PC chassis with the highest standard of innovation. For more information about Chenbro, please visit