Chenbro’s SR209 Plus and SR105 Plus The Right Tower Server Chassis that Fit for SMBs

Chenbro (TWSE: 8210) today releases SR209 Plus and SR105 Plus, the versatile tower server chassis, it supports 4-bays 3.5” tool-less and hot-swap HDD cage with 12Gb/s mini-SAS HD backplane, and have been upgraded to PCIe 3.0 compatible opening slots. By offering new fan solution with superior thermal performance, the SR209 Plus and SR105 Plus are the high-performance workstation for small-medium sized business to meet dedicated applications.


Tool-Less HDD Tray for Maintenance Efficiency
The hot-swappable external HDD cage with tool-less HDD trays can support up to 4 of 3.5” HDDs for easy and time-saving installation and cost effective IT operation.


Anti-Vibration Mechanism to Prevent Data Loss and Reduce Noises
The patented internal HDD mounting method is designed to withstand higher magnitude of operation vibration, preventing data loss and performance degradation. Moreover, it’s essentially designed to reduce the vibrational noise being transmitted into the chassis from the hard drive. This significantly cuts down on the "rumbling" and "clicking" noises which are very common in hard drives.


Thermal Performance Optimized for High Workloads
essential. The optional 80mm PCI fan is dedicated to offer additional cooling to expansion cards in the system. Moreover, the improved 12cm rear fan holder of SR209 Plus and SR105 Plus can benefit better air flow as well as fan installation.

About Chenbro
Founded in 1983, Chenbro (TWSE: 8210) has been the pioneer in designing and manufacturing of rackmount system, tower server and PC chassis. With over 35 years of immense experience in mechanical and electrical competence, Chenbro is qualified by the first tier server brands and provides OEM, ODM and JDM services with EMS companies. In addition, Chenbro successfully extends its business footprint to data centers and industrial solutions by continuously investing in technologies and delivers the most trusted servers and PC chassis with the highest standard of innovation. For more information about Chenbro, please visit