Chenbro Launches 2U ATX Highly Flexible Storage Server Chassis


Taipei, Taiwan, May, 31, 2018 –Chenbro launches its brand new 2U 22” depth chassis with flexible storage configurations—RM24508 and RM24512, which accommodate 8 and 12 bays HDD cages for your demand of storage capacity. To be compatible with new HDD cages and also maximize the bulk air flow of the system, Chenbro designs a new generation 3.5” HDD tray with the optimization of ventilation ratio which allows low speed fans with efficient cooling performance. It benefits power saving and acoustic performance as well. Additionally, this HDD tray enables tool-less installation and removal for quick maintenance. Regarding motherboard area, RM245 supports standard ATX form factor and even up to CEB size (12" x 10.5") with dual processors to enhance the computing performance in a short chassis. Moreover, based on the requirement of configured system, you could select either a budget single power supply or 80+ Platinum 1 + 1 CRPS. With such benefits of these choices, the RM245 Series provides your IT infrastructure an easy maintenance and high performance solution that supports your expanding business and various applications.


Get Affordable & Customized Solution
The RM245 Series provides flexible combination of modules and chassis parts that enables you to customize affordable solutions to achieve your business target. Specifically, this model offers a variety of configurations that are composed of Chenbro’s exclusive modular parts, such as the HDD cages, fan cages, and PCIe riser card holder. These benefit you by not only shorter production lead time and lower re-investment costs on molds, but great balance of budget and capacity for your IT facilities.


Spend Less to Maintain Your Chassis
Simple hardware installation and maintenance is essential for IT operation. The RM245 Series offers users a quick and straight-forward way to maintain the system. For example, by Chenbro’s unique tool-less 3.5" HDD tray, IT operators could save up to 80% installation time via just 2 short steps--“slide in” and “push down” HDD. This series is also with built-in hot-swap fans, tool-less PCIe riser card holder, and hot-swap CRPS so it provides you care-free maintenance and reduces OPEX effectively.


Support High Storage I/O Performance
The RM245 Series is designed to support your system with the high storage capacity in file sharing, storing, backup, and other general applications. With built-in 12Gbps SATA/SAS backplane, this series has the ability to supply powerful disk I/O performance for SMEs dealing with daily massive and complex workload. Furthermore, it is equipped with 3 hot-swap fans and built-in smart fan control on the backplane that creates the precise modulation of air intake and system performance. These designs also fulfil the thermal requirement of the latest Intel® Purley platform.


About Chenbro
Founded in 1983, Chenbro (TWSE: 8210) has been the pioneer in designing and manufacturing of rackmount system, tower server and PC chassis. With over 35 years of immense experience in mechanical and electrical competence, Chenbro is qualified by the first tier server brands and provides OEM, ODM and JDM services with EMS companies. In addition, Chenbro successfully extends the business footprint to data centers and industrial solutions by continuously investing in technologies, and delivers the most trusted servers and PC chassis with the highest standard of innovation. For more information about Chenbro, please visit