High Data Security Tower Server Chassis
SR107 is not only an ideal chassis for SMB, also a cost effective Rack-able solution on 5U form factor with an optional slide rail support.
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Features & Benefits
  • Supports motherboard size up to 12" x 13"
  • Supports 2 x 4-bay 3.5" HDD cage
  • Optional 3.5" 4-bay HDD cages with 12 Gb/s SATA or mini-SAS backplane
  • Tool-less installation on bezel, HDD cage, side cover and fans
  • Support key lock and Kensington security slot
  • Rack-able by slide rails
  • Supports PS/2 single and 1+1 redundant PSUs
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  • M/B Form Factor Extended ATX (12” x 13”)
    Dimensions (D x W x H) 620 x 220 x 425(mm)
    24.4" x 8.7" x 16.7"
    Drive Bays Internal 3.5":8(option)
    3.5" Hot-swap:8(option)
    PSU Form Factor PS/2 or n+1 Redundant
    Indicators Power Status LED x 1
    HDD Activity LED x 1
    LAN Activity LED x 2
    Event Warning LED x 1
    Front Buttons Power On/Off
    System Reset
    Alarm Mute
    USB2.0 x 2
    Cooling Fans 2 x 120mm(PWM), middle
    1 x 120mm(PWM), Rear
    Expansion Slots 7 Slots, Full Height Full Length
    HDD Backplane 12Gb/s SAS& SATA or 12Gb/s mini-SAS by Hot-swap Cage
    Metal Thickness 1.0, SECC
    Net Weight 18Kg
    Gross Weight 22.5Kg
    Front Bezel SR10769, SR10768, SR10766
    Cubic Feet 5.53
    Container Loading 20': 140
    40': 280
    40'H: 336
  • Category Description Revision Size Download
    Datasheet SR107 Series Datasheet V1.2 1.2 MB
    User Manual 6Gb/s 4-port 3.5" SATA/SAS Backplane(80H10220919A0), Rev A0 V1.1 322.4 KB
    User Manual SR209/SR105/SR107 Installation V1.0 1.3 MB
    User Manual 3Gb/s 4-port SATA/SAS Backplane(80H102209-010) Rev. B0, for 4-Bay 3.5" Hot-swap HDD Cage V1.0 181.3 KB
    User Manual 3Gb/s 4-port mini-SAS Backplane(80H102209-013), for 4-Bay 3.5" Hot-swap HDD Cage V1.0 252.2 KB
    User Manual 3Gb/s 6-port mini-SAS Backplane(80H102209-014), for 6-Bay 2.5" Hot-swap HDD Cage V1.0 366.3 KB
    User Manual 6Gb/s 4-port mini-SAS Backplane(80H10220918A0), for 4-Bay 3.5" Hot-swap HDD Cage V1.0 341.9 KB
    User Manual 6Gb/s 6-port mini-SAS Backplane(80H10220920A0), for 6-Bay 2.5" Hot-swap HDD Cage V1.1 572.9 KB
    User Manual 6Gb/s 4-port SATA/SAS Backplane(80H10220919A0), for 4-Bay 3.5" Hot-swap HDD Cage V1.0 313.4 KB
  • Product category Part. No# Description Support
    Bracket, Rackmount Handle, Black, 2pcs/set
    HDD Cage
    HDD cage, 4x 3.5" Non-Hotswap, w/92mm fan
    HDD Cage
    HDD cage, 4x 3.5" Hot-swap, w/ 4-port 6Gbps mini-SAS Backplane
    HDD Cage
    HDD cage, 4x 3.5" Hot-swap, w/ 4-port 6Gbps SATA/SAS Backplane
    HDD Cage
    4-bay, 3.5" Hot-swap, w/4-port 12Gbps mini-SAS HD Backplane, SR107/108
    Power Supply
    PSU, PS/2 Single, 600W, FSP600-80GLC
    Power Supply
    PSU, 650W,1+1 Redundant, Acbel R2IS7651A-G, 80+ Gold, PM Bus V1.2
    Power Supply
    PSU, 875W, 1+1 Redundant, Acbel R2IS7871A-G, 80+ Gold, PM Bus V1.2
    Slide Rail
    Slide Rail, 26", Ball Bearing, SR20966/SR10566/SR107
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  • Order Code M/B Size HDD Cage PSU Cooling Fan Slide Rail
    SR10769-C0 12"x13" 2x 3.5" 4-Bay, Non Hot-swap Option 3x120mm(PWM) Option