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Chenbro Introduces Mini-ITX Home Server Chassis


Chenbro Introduces Mini-ITX Home Server Chassis
Elegant Outlook that Enriches Household Life  

, Taiwan, August 10th, 2007 - Chenbro Micom Co., Ltd. announced new chassis to improve and enhance the home server experience.   ES34069 is built to offer maximum functionalities in its minimal figure.  Along with its diverse functions, ES34069 is also designed to spark the working environment with its sleek outlook.     

Simple Elegance    
ES34069 is aim to strike an impression upon first sight.  The glass panel is adopted to show a glimpse of fashion and style. To further enhance the simple elegance image, the coating of the enclosure is done in a silver-grayish powder coating; the side-panels are decorated with crossing stripes which also enhance the ventilation.

High Storage Capacity
Inside its petite 9.5L figure, ES34069 can fit a Mini-ITX or Mini-DTX M/B, 4 hot-swap HDDs (SATA II/SAS), single 2.5"OS HDD, and slim ODDs; the high storage capacity enables its usage as RAID 5 for a safer data storage.  Compatibility with most main stream memory interfaces such as SD/Mini-SD/MMS/MS offers the end users a more convenient way for data access. 

Mechanical Design Ensures Excellent Ventilation
Internal structure of ES34069 is designed to offer maximum ventilation by division of two major hot spots- motherboard and HDDs.  The heat created by HDDs is dissipated through the double fan at the rear.  The heat created by CPU is also covered by the side venting hole.  The external adapter also eliminates the heat that would be created from internal PSU.

User-Friendly Design for Easy Assembly
ES34069 is designed to offer more convenience during assembly for users as well.  Inside the chassis, there is one set of cable band that makes cable arrangement neat and easy; the elastic band not only serves as a cable router but also insulates the two heat spots.   Removable motherboard carrier is designed to install components without taking M/B apart.  Furthermore, arc angle of edge is convenient to screw M/B into the chassis easily.  Those user-friendly features enhance the accessibility for end users. 

All in all, Chenbro ES34069 delights the user environment not only with its sleek look but also with its powerful designs and functions. 


Andy Cheng
Supervisor, Marketing Dept.
Tel:+886-2-8226-5500 Ext:641

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